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KeptMe Program

In this busy world we live in, we are exploring many avenues of communication to keep parents updated about their child’s learning and development.

Our Northgate centre is using the advancements in technology, to slowly roll out paperless portfolios throughout the centre; this will also link closely with the centre’s sustainability policy. At present the program is interactive in our Pre-school room, and is at the trial stage within our Kindergarten, Tiny Tots and Mini Toddlers rooms.

This new program will enable us share information regarding children’s learning and development, which parents will be able to access at a convenient time via their mobile phone, computer, iPad etc.

When your child’s room is ready to begin using this program they will ask parents for an email address so they can send an invite to you to join the program, when you receive this invite you will be asked to accept the invitation and set up a password (known only to you) which will then allow educators to send you information about your child, this information could include:-

  • Photographs of your child involved in play
  • Observations taken of your child
  • Learning stories for your child
  • The daily curriculum, so you are  informed of learning that has taken place on the day your child attends.
  • Reminders of special events coming up in your child’s room.

This is a two way interactive program where parents can comment on their child’s learning journey and assist in steering future learning and development, Educators will be able to read your comments and put into practice any suggestions for future learning through their intentional teaching plans.

Please be aware this a very secure program and only the email set up will be able to access your child’s information, however it is then parents choice if they wish to send on photographs or learning records to other family members, I’m sure you will agree this is a lovely way of sharing your child’s learning and development with family members who may live interstate or abroad.

Eventually the program will be rolled out in the whole centre; however the timing and cost will spread out over the next 18 months which will also allow time for educators to attend training .

Any parents who do not wish to receive their child’s information via this program , can opt out and educators will continue to keep hard copies of that child’s learning journey, which can be accessed  by their parent at any time within the centre.

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