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Fees and Discounts

From July 2018, a single Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will replace the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The CCS is means targeted and will be paid directly to the Service. The number of hours of subsidised care families can access will be determined by an Activity Test. The higher the level of activity, the more hours of subsidised care families can access and therefore less out of pocket expenses. There are many forms of recognised activity and our friendly Office Staff can assist our families in calculating the maximum number of hours claimable in order to maximise their fee assistance.

To receive CCS, families must create a MyGov Account and link it to their Centrelink online account. Income estimates, activity hours and enrolment at our Centre will all need to be confirmed on line. Once the Child Care Subsidy assessment is complete the amount of CCS and Activity hours will be available and the Centre can provide families with their out of pocket expenses.

Fees from July 2nd 2018: $102.00 per day

The Centre offers 12 hour Sessions of Care to part time enrolments and both 12 hour and 10 hour Sessions of Care to full time enrolments. Our Office Staff are always available to assist you with choosing Session times that will best suit the needs of each family.

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