Northgate - 136 Folland Ave, Northgate SA 5085 - 08 8369 2999
Greenwith - 1699 Golden Grove Road, Greenwith SA 5125 - 08 8289 7311

Policies and Procedures

 Northgate/Greenwith Day Care

The Centres have a comprehensive parent handbook which details all policies and procedures and upon enrolment a copy of this will be emailed to each family.

The orientation process at both Centres ensures a great beginning for the ongoing relationship between the Centre and family. Before children commence care, families and children are encouraged to visit and become familiar with the Centre. Our open door policy ensures that parents can observe and participate in children’s activities at any time.

Our policies have been devised in consultation with Health Support Planning in Schools, Pre Schools and Child Care Services and the Department of Education and Children’s Services in South Australia.

In conjunction with Inclusive Directions, both our Centres are able to provide professional support and resources in the specific areas of disability, cultural and linguistic diversity.

Medication Policy

Our centres maintain close and daily communication with parents and takes an informed and responsible team approach to administering medication to children. Qualified Educators will administer both prescription and non-prescription medication to children as per written instructions on a Medication Plan Form signed by the child’s doctor. 

Nut Awareness Policy

Our centres adopt policies and procedures to ensure we are a nut aware centre. It is accepted that while we are unable to guarantee this, all reasonable and possible steps are taken to comply with this mandate. Parents of children with nut allergies are encouraged to seek further information about the policies and procedures in place to determine the suitability of their child for enrolment. 

Immunisation Policy

It is a centre policy requirement that all children who attend the Northgate or Greenwith Childcare Centres are fully immunised. Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting your child against harmful diseases that can cause serious health problems. 

Asthma Policy

We will ensure all children attending our centres receive appropriate, effective and safe treatment to relieve the symptoms of Asthma. Our Educators are trained to recognise the symptoms of Asthma and take appropriate action in an asthma emergency. Educators are competent in working with children’s Asthma Action Plans signed off by their doctors as well as administering reliever medication form the Asthma First Aid Kit under instructions from paramedics.

All children with or without Asthma will be treated equally. 

Sun Protection Policy

Our centres take every reasonable precaution to protect children and Educators from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. Our policies are consistent with The Cancer Council’s Sunsmart recommendations for outdoor environments, clothing, sunscreen, scheduling of activities and ongoing education for the children, families and Educators at our centres. 

Nutrition Policy

Our centres are committed to promoting good nutrition and to consistently implement movement and physical activities for all our children. Our menus are nutritious and delicious and are designed in conjunction with the Australian Dietary Guidelines. All meals are prepared fresh daily by our experienced cooks who ensure our menus meet 50% of a child’s daily nutritional requirements. Our cooks ensure our varied multicultural menus accommodate specific dietary requirements. We encourage all families to discuss particular dietary requirements directly with our cooks. 

Fee Payment Policy

The centre is open every day of the year except for Public Holidays and fee payment is due as follows:

  • Upon enrolment, a non-refundable, booking fee is payable. This ensures a position at the Centre is held for your child. Upon commencement of care this money is allocated to your first week/s of fees.
  • Fees are due and payable by the end of each week in which your child attends the Centre. Parents need to be aware of their weekly fee amount as weekly accounts are not distributed.
  • A three monthly Account statement will be emailed to you. You can however ask the office to print off a statement at any time.
  • Fortnightly payments will only be accepted if payment covers the current and following week.

Fees are due in full every week, until cancellation of your child’s enrolment. This includes public holidays, voluntary holidays, sick days and rostered days off.

  • Fees are payable for all absent days, irrespective of the reason for absence.

Method of fee payment is as follows:

  • Direct Debit – every Monday for the previous week’s care and is the Centre’s preferred method of payment
  • EFTPOS and Credit Card ( Credit Card transactions incur a 1% fee or 2% fee for premium cards)
  • Cash and cheque
  • Please note payment by Direct Deposit is not accepted. Occasional exceptions may apply.

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